How to travel elegantly (and stress-free!) this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving week is known to be one of the most chaotic times for travel! Traffic on the road, long security check lines at the airport or delayed flights (all endured in warm sweaters, scarves and winter jackets) can certainly make you lose your cool; but, the last thing that Thanksgiving should be is a time of stress. This holiday (just like the autumn season in which it falls), is about reflection and gratitude. You ought to give yourself the peace of mind, the time, and the joyful space to be able to reflect upon your blessings and give them a moment of sincere thanks and celebration with loved ones. It's certainly too important an occasion to be soured by the aggravation of poor travel experience!

Now, although we can't lighten the traffic on the road or at the airport, we can ease the strain of holiday travel by planning ahead and keeping a few stress-free tips in mind.

Take a look at a few of our suggestions below, and travel elegantly and with ease this holiday week! After all, the only thing you should be concerned about on the way to Thanksgiving dinner is how much pumpkin pie you're really going to eat.... 


  1. Plan Your Travel Days Wisely:

    • f you're flying.....One of the best ways to avoid the biggest traffic is to book or plan your travel on the least busy days around the holiday. Booking a flight for Monday, Tuesday or the day of Thanksgiving, you'll experience less hassle than if you travel on the Wednesday before. The Sunday after Thanksgiving is also the most chaotic day for return flights with many people trying to make it back home in time for work the next day. Planning return travel for Friday or Saturday after Thanksgiving (or the following Monday/Tuesday if you can afford the time) can be wiser. 
    • If you're driving..... Do NOT hit the road between 3pm - 5pm on Wednesday afternoon. That tends to be the peak traffic time out on the road with people trying to get to their holiday destinations. Instead, aim to head out either early in the morning or later in the evening. If you can afford the time, leaving a day ahead on Tuesday is also a good bet. 
  2. Prepare in advance: 

    • If you're flying... Check-in ASAP. Checking in within 24 hours before your flight is an excellent idea. This will not only get you further up in line for boarding but it will help to avoid any seating or overbooking issues with the airline on the day of. You might also want to print or download (onto your smartphone) a copy of your boarding pass. You won't have to waste time printing it at the airport. 
    • If you're driving.... check your car fluids, tire pressure, check your GPS route and the weather to make sure you're planning for the long drive safely and most efficiently. You can avoid the stress of having to experience any conflicts along your route if you take a look at all the factors ahead of time. 
  3. Pack lightly: 

    • Yes, Thanksgiving means autumn (maybe even winter in some cases!) and we 100% support great style and elegance but if it's possible to fit all your boots, sweaters and accessories into a light carry-on that may be your best bet! Even if you're driving, the smaller the payload on your vehicle the safer it will be on the road, particularly if you hit some ice or snowfall. 
  4. Be Smart with your Technology: 

    • Charge your electronics before you depart! Nothing can be more stressful than having your phone die during a stressful day of travel. That means you might not be able to retrieve the boarding pass that you downloaded, find your flight details, keep track of your flight status, or contact friends/loved ones, or your St. Christopher Carriage chauffeur picking you up from the airport! Make sure your needed electronic devices are fully charged before you depart for the airport or hit the road.
    • DON'T FORGET YOUR CHARGER! Ironically, it can be one of the easiest things to forget from your pack list. Make sure you have it with you when you leave your house. You might want to bring an external charger with you just in case. You won't have to run around the airport looking for an available outlet if your phone is running low on battery power. 
    • Use your technology wisely: Waiting for your flight to begin boarding, having to wait through flight delays, or even traveling by car as a passenger most of us resort to opening up our phones for entertainment. Checking on Facebook, Instagram, making snapchat after snapchat, watching snapchat video after snapchat video (or any other video), or calling someone to chat we waste our battery charge quickly! We know that smartphones are a great way to keep the mind occupied but there are other ways you can do that too. Try reading a book or a magazine instead or challenge yourself to some sudoku puzzles while you wait. It can be just as entertaining (and maybe a bit more calming than social media). 
  5. Surround yourself with things that make you happy! 

    • ny travel experience can be made great or even pleasant if you implement things that bring you comfort or joy. It's all about the little things - put together a great playlist to enjoy while you're waiting in line or taking that road trip home, stop by Starbucks for a steaming cup of your favorite holiday beverage, dress comfortably, enjoy that book you haven't had time to finish. 
  6. Book your ride ahead of time! 

    • f you're traveling by air and will need transportation to the airport, to your destination or back home after the holiday you may want to make those arrangements ahead of time. Catching transportation once you land can be the biggest cause of stress yet! That's why we highly recommend you book world-class transportation with St. Christopher Carriage prior to your departure. If you reside in the Chicagoland area, we'd be happy to get you to the airport, to your Thanksgiving destination, or deliver you home in absolute safety, peace of mind and elegance.  


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We're grateful you choose to travel with STC and we hope your Thanksgiving is warm, joyful and full of happy moments to remember!